About ICRTec

The Team

An engine alternative that North America needs – now.

The ICR350 is cleaner burning and more cost effective than the best diesel engines today.  It emits less than one-eighth of the NOX/particulate emissions allowed under EPA 2010 regulations with better fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than diesels.

ICRTec Power. Clean and Simple

Our seasoned management team and best-in-class development team are focused on the engine.

We work with original equipment manufacturers and integrators in each market to deliver solutions that will easily surpass current emission standards without compromising size, weight, cost and fuel consumption.

We can show significant improvements in fuel efficiency and cost of ownership when compared with today’s leading diesel engines whether the fuel of choice is diesel, natural gas or any other fluid combustible.

We welcome inquiries from OEMs and integrators looking to improve the performance of their customer solutions.