The Game Changer

Gas turbines are the engine of choice in applications where reliability and durability are of primary importance. Turbines are cleaner, smaller, lighter and quieter than comparable reciprocating engines.   In a world where low emissions are expected, turbines are simply superior to their reciprocating counterparts.

The ICR350 is a significantly improved version of earlier gas turbines.

Until now, industrial gas turbines have never been sufficiently developed to yield efficiencies higher than about 38%, nor have they ever been built with such a high power-to-weight ratio as the ICR350.

Turbine technology is not new; what is new is a unique arrangement of simple turbomachinery modules with a proprietary ceramic turbine rotor and heat exchangers resulting in high specific power.

The breakthrough allows our engine to achieve thermal efficiencies above 40% today and we expect it will be the first gas turbine to cross the 50% threshold, making its fuel economy and related emissions dramatically better than the best diesel engines of comparable size.

The ICR350 is the first engine to provide the benefits of gas turbines at a power density and cost that will appeal to price sensitive markets.

Our proprietary and patented improvements make ICRTec the market leader in this development area.

ICRTec Power. Clean and Simple