The ICR350 engine is the next generation of power.  

The world's most advanced small gas turbine

The ICR350 is an innovative gas turbine engine that is a vast improvement over today’s diesel and natural gas reciprocating engines in stationary and mobile markets. It beats current heavy duty engines through:  

  1. Superior Economics: Same price but with lower lifetime costs and better fuel efficiency;

  2. High Reliability: Turbine performance with vastly longer service and overhaul intervals; 

  3. Best Emissions: Near zero, without the requirement for exhaust after treatment; 

  4. Total Flexibility: Modular design, compact size and weight, and complete fuel flexibility.

The use of an innovative architecture and ceramic hot section allows the ICR350 to perform like a large turbine in terms of reliability and emissions but in a much more compact and fuel efficient package. In addition, the engine design is based on high volume turbocharger components making it cost competitive with traditional diesel engines and a third of the cost of other microturbines. In comparison to similar sized fuel cells, the ICR350 is a tenth the cost but with a similar emissions profile and complete fuel flexibility. Simply better.  


A Better Engine

These design advances make the ICR350 a better choice in markets that have been dominated by traditional diesel power.

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A single 350 kW engine can be installed in a genset for backup power, distributed power, CHP, industrial and remote power applications - the compact size/weight, ease of maintenance, fuel flexibility, low cost of energy, transient performance and ultra-low emissions profile make it the obvious choice when compared to a similar sized diesel or natural gas genset. Multiple ICR350 engines can be ganged together for megawatt scale applications with the advantage of added reliability. 

At 350 kW (470 hp) our turbine is also ideally sized for heavy-duty truck applications. Smaller in package size than a traditional diesel truck engine and available at the same cost, the ICR350 delivers better torque with improved fuel efficiency and complete fuel flexibility, allowing for on-the-fly switching of fuel between natural gas and diesel.   

In any application, the ICR350 engine is the better alternative to traditional diesel or natural gas power. 

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One engine, Many applications 

Like a traditional diesel engine, the ICR350 is designed to work in multiple applications without major modifications. Stationary applications including oil & gas field operations, data center back-up or primary power, distributed power islands for DER applications, CHP, and mobile applications including automotive, class-8 trucks, rail and marine will benefit from our:


  • Initial power rating of 350 kW which can be scaled from 175 kW up to 1.5 MW
  • Economy – low first cost, low operating costs
  • Highest efficiency in class - better than 40% fuel to electric efficiency, or 44% fuel to shaft
  • Simple design – well suited to high volume assembly
  • Reliability - proven in traditional turbocharger applications, few moving parts and no mixing of combustion and lubricating fluids
  • 8,000 hour maintenance interval (10 times better than piston engines)
  • 80,000 hours before overhaul (4 times better than piston engines)
  • Flexiblity – compact, can be aggregated for MW+ applications
  • Full fuel flexibility (natural gas, diesel, synthetic gas, wellhead gas, etc.)
  • Near zero emissions with no after treatment;  significantly beats CARB and Tier 4 standards and is competitive with fuel cells

What We've Achieved

Learn about our early development milestones and ongoing field trials.