ICRTec is an engine company. Our focus is the commercialization of the world's best engine. We would not succeed without the support of some pretty impressive partner organizations.

Our engine development efforts are led by Brayton Energy LLC, a world leader in the design, prototyping, and testing of turbomachinery, gas turbine systems and high temperature heat exchangers. 

Financial support has come from government and industry in the form of direct investment and program sponsorship. Contributors include the California Energy Commission, Chesapeake Energy, EnCana Corporation, New Venture Partners, Sempra Energy and Walmart.    

The ICR350 engine is an efficient, clean, reliable and cost effective source of primary power. It is a better alternative to traditional power in a wide range of applications from distributed power generation to heavy duty trucking. We work with industry leading companies to incorporate our engine into end-use applications. To date, program contributions and direct investment in both stationary and mobile application field trials have come from major engine manufacturers, energy companies, the oil & gas industry, and industrial and technology companies. 

Partners and Contributors